Mezzmo includes a Microsoft Xbox One device profile and fully supports streaming video, music, photos and subtitles to Xbox One games consoles.

Your Xbox One will be auto-detected on your home network and listed in the Media Devices dialog.

Important: Based on the current firmware of Xbox One, you are not able to browse and play media files using your Xbox One's controller or on-screen interface. This is a limitation of the Xbox One firmware. You must "push" your video files, music files and photos to the Xbox One using a Digital Media Controller (DMC) app. We recommend using the Mezzmo Android app (see for this purpose.

Install the Mezzmo Android app onto your Android tablet or smartphone and you can browse your Mezzmo library on your PC and select files to play on your Xbox One. The Mezzmo Android app provides full playback control - including Play, Pause, Stop, Seek to position, Next file, Previous file, Volume up / down and Mute.