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    Hello, again! Alright, I was going to post this in the feature request forum for future versions but I'm curious as to if there's a way to currently do the following:

    Let's pretend we have the following links:

    Okay, do you notice the pattern? Directory 199 only contains 3 jpgs of a high number range, as do directories 200 and 201.

    Is there a way to set up ONE download job that will download a range of directories and their contents WITHOUT DownloadStudio having to scan EACH directory for thousands of files I know aren't present before it finds the 3 that are in each one? In other words, is there some sort of advanced script where I can specify something like:

    Directory 199 contains 14997.jpg, 14998.jpg, 14999.jpg, then moving up a directory (200) to find the next 3 jpgs, then incrementing one directory (201) to find the NEXT 3 jpgs, and so on and so forth.

    Oy, I hope I explained this thoroughly enough... lol. Also, I guess I'm wondering if there's an even MORE advanced ability to DownloadStudio that contains advanced triggers, such as + or - so as to write a custom download statement.

    Thanks for your time!


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    Unfortunately there is no easy way to accomplish this in one job at the moment, without it trying to download 1000's of urls and then only finding very few files.

    We will consider making the 'file range' download a bit more advanced in a future version. Adding custom scripting may be a good option to solve this problem.
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