As a feature proposal for the dev roadmap could...

- Folders be setup (additionally to the way they are now) in such a manner that they are like viewing channels
- The channels will automatically play from where you left off by simply selecting the channel
- The files (if all from a same series, for example) could be played in chronological order of public release or what ever options the channel is setup with
- Multicast (for streaming music clips at parties, for example) to either TVs or wireless speakers (as an example SONOS)

As lovely as the enrichment data is and strict file naming conventions etc, my rubbish memory tends to mean I need view around bits and pieces of episodes until I see a bit that I don't remember viewing. It wold be great to be able to just click on the folder channel and continue on.

As an additional feature a channel that shows play stats as selectable folders or content in on the device screen will then take you a bunch of other channels that when selected tells the Mezzmo server that you like a particular show by 1 to 4 stars or whatever.