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New episodes show up as expected, sub-folders are created as needed, and when episodes are watched, they are removed from the relevant sub-folder.

However, when the last episode in a series is watched, the episode is removed, but the sub-folder for the series is not removed.

That doesn’t happen until I do something in the Mezzmo GUI that affects the Active Playlist. I haven’t yet encountered the situation enough times to say exactly what “something” has to be. If I use the GUI to set the Play Count of the last episode in a series non-zero, the episode disappears immediately; then after about thirty seconds, a message about updating active playlists appears and the sub-folder is removed. It’s only when the Play Count is set non-zero because the episode was actually watched that the empty sub-folder is left on the list.

As you might imagine, having empty sub-folders stick around on a to-be-watched list is annoying.

I have tried leaving the GUI running 24/7 (thinking maybe it was needed to update the playlist sub-folder structure), but that doesn’t help. I found that if I change the Play Count of the last episode of a series to non-zero in the GUI and then close the GUI immediately (before the updating active playlists message appears), when I restart the GUI the empty folder has not been removed, and is not removed until I do something (again, I don’t yet know precisely what “something” must be) that affects the active playlist.