This is my first experience with Mezzmo, let me start off by saying I am INCREDIBLY impressed. The ease of use is nothing short of spectacular, especially compared with other ways of doing the sort of things Mezzmo does. BRILLIANT OVERALL DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION!!! And such a great price, too.


I've set up MEZZMO as a server on a Windows 7-64 box that I use as a home server (Intel Q9550 4core 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 5 TB RAID-5 ) on my gigabit Ethernet home LAN. (No wifi)

I copied some DVDs as ISO's and Mezzmo plays them A-OK via my Panasonic Viera ST60's DNLA client. Video, sound all just as expected.

I copied a few Blu-Ray to ISO and they play just fine on Android client (Galaxy Tab S 10.5) but on the Panasonic Viera ST60 I get great video but no audio. So I'm guessing I either need to change the format that Mezzmo is transcoding the audio to on-the-fly or I need to Pre-transcode the audio to some format that the Panasonic Viera ST60 understands. Hence my questions:

  • How can I tell what audio code format is being sent to my Panasonic Viera ST60 by Mezzmo for a given video ISO?

  • Is there a way to change the format that Mezzmo is transcoding to on-the-fly when sending to my Panasonic Viera ST60?

  • If I select pre-transcode, will this transcode the video as well as audio from the ISO? I don't want to lose ANY video quality- so I don't want to pre-transcode the video. I just want to transcode the audio into a format that the Panasonic Viera ST60 will be able to work with. Is there a way to pre-transcode ONLY the audio?

  • Any other suggestions for using Mezmo with the Panasonic Viera ST60?