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    I have just installed Mezzmo for testing and I was wondering if it was possible, one way or another, to entirely disable most of the automatic functions.

    My only interest is to be able to stream a music folder (with 4000 albums) stored on my computer to a Denon Ceol N5 located in another room.
    I don't need thumbnails, genres import, user ratings and what not, and the program is incredibly slow.
    I just need the distant network player to be able to access the directory.

    As of now, 30 minutes after scanning for about 45 minutes, Mezzmo still uses 53% cpu and a "system task" keeps adding album artwork to scan. Since I'll never browse anything from the GUI, this is completely pointless.

    P.S. Sorry if this has already been asked.

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    When you add your files into your Mezzmo library, by default, Mezzmo tries to collect all the various metadata for your files - including getting nice artwork. You can turn this off if you like using the Metadata Retrieval Settings dialog. Go to the Options dialog (Retrieving Metadata page) and click 'Metadata Retrieval Settings' button to access this dialog. On the dialog, turn off "Get artwork from internet web sites" checkbox on the Music tab. After turning it off, Mezzmo will use this setting for any new files that you add or when you maintain your library. It will not affect any system tasks that are already queued up. If you want to get rid of these system tasks and start your Mezzmo library from scratch, then go to the Options dialog (General page) and click the 'Reset Database' button. This will create a new, empty Mezzmo library with the default set of playlists. You can then add your files again. If you have further problems or questions regarding getting your Mezzmo library configured as you want, let us know & we'll help out.

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