I do know you guys do an overall excellent job. I had held off with upgrading to to make certain that it was stable. After reading the glowing praise I bit the bullet. Actually I think I shot myself in the foot.

Things that have occurred.
1. A great many of my smart playlists have disappeared. I had a playlist "By Set". This had in it a smart playlist showing all movies in a particular set. So for instance Star Wars would have in it all of the star wars movies. I had a playlist for every movie series that had 2 or more movies in it. So there were a lot of playlists. After the upgrade I have 6 playlists. This is a little bit weird but I know how to create playlists so it will just take a lot of time to recover. I believe they disappeared because when the titles changed there were no longer any entries so the list was deleted.

2. Almost all of my movies have been marked as tv show. Most now have the title: All Movies: S0000 E0000 Actual Title
All of my shows are stored on a NAS. It is configured as:
\DVD\Series\Ally McBeal
\DVD\Series\Babylon 5
\DVD\Series\Babylon 5\Season 1
\DVD\Series\Babylon 5\Movies
\DVD\All Movies (this is where all of the movie titles are stored unless the movie is part of a tv series then it would be under series)
3. The actual Series (not all of which were recognized as such) Are now marked: 24: S0001 E0001: 24: S0001 E0001: 12:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M.

So at present my library is pretty much unusable until I go through and change probably 90% to what they should be. I have 2,184 video files to go though. I am afraid to look at what it did to the music library

May I make the suggestion that when/if the system is going to alter something like the title you show the user what the current title is and what it will become. Then allow the user to make changes and update that entry. It could also be use to make they changes to the template for the entire library.