Mezzmo (Windows) app lets you push your videos, music and photos to your DLNA / UPnP devices on your home network for immediate playback. This handy when you wish to play files while at your PC or laptop where Mezzmo (Windows) is installed. For example, you could play a music playlist of your favorite songs on your home theater system or have a photo slideshow playing on your TV.

Playing files using Play To in Mezzmo

To play a file on a device, simply right-click on the file in Mezzmo and click on a device listed on the Play To menu item. Your file will be pushed to the device and played immediately.

To play a collection of files one after the other, right-click on a folder or playlist in Mezzmo and select a device listed on the Play To menu item.

(Tip: Set the Repeat button on the Play To pane to repeat playing the playlist.)

Using the Play To pane to control playback

When a file is playing, you can control the playback of files playing using the Play To pane.

The Play To pane has the following playback features - Play, Stop, Pause, Seek, Next File, Previous File, Random Shuffle, Repeat Playlist / Track / None, Volume and Mute.

For photos, The Play To pane will play your photos in a photo slideshow on your device. You can adjust the interval between photos using the Photo Slideshow Interval. You can manually move to other photos using the Seek slider.