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Thread: Crash when loading large folder with images

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    Question Crash when loading large folder with images


    I'm currently using a Samsung Blu-ray player with Mezzmo. However I have a folder with 1.37GB images high res. Some times it reads the folder okay, but often Mezzmo fails and I have to restart Mezzmo to get it show the images again. Mezzmo simply states there are no images to show when I try to view images from my Blu-ray player.

    Any idea why?



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    Hi Martin,

    Mezzmo delivers a list of files in a folder/playlist to your DLNA device using DLNA guidelines/protocols. If a particular folder or playlist has (say) 1000's of files (in your case, images), then Mezzmo may be taking too long to deliver this (huge) list. Under DLNA guidelines, this should be done within 30 seconds. It if takes longer, then your DLNA device may reject the list and say it could not display any files.

    A few things you can do to stop this happening:

    (i) Check the speed of your home network. If you are running a wireless home network, then consider using wired Ethernet cables. They are much faster and provide more consistent bandwidth for streaming.

    (ii) Try organizing your images into playlists. In Mezzmo, create a playlist under the Photos playlist and drag/drop some images into it. Now on your DLNA device, try browsing that playlist and see if you have any problems.

    (iii) Check that your computer has available CPU and RAM. Use Task Manager to check that your CPU and RAM are not at maximum usage. This would also slow down DLNA communication between Mezzmo and your DLNA device. You may need to close other programs.

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