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    I'm about to buy a new Digital Camera (the Nikon D5300 if anyone is wondering!), which has picture resolution of 6000x4000.

    Does Mezzmo handle these out the box at that size? For a Samsung C TV?
    Or should i change the profile?


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    Hi Gus,

    There's no size limit for images in Mezzmo, so 6000x4000 is fine. Your DLNA devices do have image size limits and most of our device profiles often have upper image size limits - typically, 4096x4096 - which is the DLNA standard for large sized images. The Samsung C device profile has a limit of 4096x4096. Mezzmo will auto-transcode your larger images to this size. If you want to see if your TV will handle your original (larger sized) images, then turn transcoding off and try streaming the images. If you need any device profile tweaks, let us know & we'll help out.

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