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Thread: Netgear media player

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    Understand. Another cheap media player to consider that works well is the WD TV Live. Good format support and works well with Mezzmo. Quite a few WD TV Live owners post here and will happily help you get setup. Post back if you have any further questions and we'll help out.

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    Just an FYI, I run both a Netgear EVA-9150 and the WD Live devices. You don't need a PC to run the Netgear EVA-9150. The PC app is just for remote control but you can setup everything from the device interface on your TV to run with Mezzmo. I've never used the PC app, other than some initial testing just to see what it does. 2.4.170 is the latest version of software for the EVA-9150.

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    ...I would need more info on that.....I know the the 9150 is also considered a form of NAS device, but the internal HDD (according to what i read in the manual) is used for both media buffering and can be used to locally store media, albeit sent to it from the network server (how would you do that without a PC as a server?). Also, as i have stated that connected to my PC are two Sans Digital TR5 boxes on which reside 20+TB of video and audio. My goal is to be able to listen and view the content in two other rooms than where the equipment resides. Info regarding settings that have to be applied to the 9150 along with where in its menu (and maybe some screenshots) would be helpful.....again, i am not quite that saavy when it comes to these things.....

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    Let's start with a couple of basic items. Yes, the EVA-9150 has a hard drive in it. There are two ways to load files onto the drive. One is through the PC application and the second is to enable drive sharing. This is under the Supervisor Functions--> Advanced menu. One you enable it and set the password, you can then map the drive from your PC and drag/drop files onto it. However, one question is why would you want to put files on it ? If you were using it in stand-alone mode that would make sense. But with Mezzmo you just connect to Mezzmo, browse your media and play it from the Mezzmo server. To browse Mezzmo just select video from the main screen, Mezzmo from the next screen and then it will take you to the Mezzmo delivered menus. If you select video from the main menu, do you see Mezzmo showing up ? Another nice thing about the EVA-9150 is that it support 2.4 and 5Gig radios for wireless. The 5 gig is great for hit bitrate streaming. The EVA-9150 is m\nice but it isn't without its quirks and they aren't releasing new software for it. It is out of support.

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