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    Hello, all.

    I'm new to using media servers, so this may seem somewhat elementary.

    I'm using Mezzmo to mainly send MKVs to may Panasonic Viera TC-P50ST30. In the Media Devices list, the Viera is automatically assigned to the profile "Panasonic Viera (2013 Base models)". This worries me because this TV was purchase in 2011. When I go into the list of available profiles, I see 4 different options for 2011 Vieras. Also, my TV is 3D if that makes any difference. How do I know which one applies to my TV? Is it just trial and error? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    NOTE: When running on the automatically assigned "Panasonic Viera (2013 Base models)" profile, some videos play but most have issues or do not play at all. The biggest issue is random videos being stretched vertically making them unwatchable, and many MKVs do not play at all.

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    After trial and error, the aspect ratio issue has been corrected on all videos that will play by selecting "Panasonic Viera (2011 models, Adjusted Aspect Ratio)". In testing I have 2 MKVs available to try. One works, one does not. Any suggestions on possible changes I need to make to the profile XML file?
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    Hi Andrew,

    Glad you made some progress regarding device profiles. It is hard for Mezzmo to know what Viera device profile to assign since many of the Viera TV models identify themselves the same from a DLNA point of view - so Mezzmo has no real way of knowing you have a 2011 model vs. a 2013 model. So what you did is correct - i.e. go to the Media Devices dialog and edit your device to change the device profile to the one most suited to your TV model and then try streaming with it. For the 2 MKVs, right-click on them in Mezzmo and click 'Get FFmpeg Information'. Post that information here or email it to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com and tell us which MKV works and which one does not. That will help us know what's going wrong.

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