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    Default WD Root Level Album Art

    G'day guys

    I'm using a WD TV Live with MEzzmo. It appears using the default Album playlist supplied in Mezzmo will show me album art when I navigate 'into' the album folder (ie I see 12 tracks each with the same album art image). How would I configure Mezzmo to show the album art on the WD at the Album level. At the moment I just see the generic album art for each album. I would like to see each albums art work in the root view of my albums. Hope this makes sense.

    This is also how I see the album art on the PC running Mezzmo too. The root album view is the generic album art (white with blue squares) until I expand the album then see each track with the same album art.

    Thanks guys

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    At the moment, there is no way you can assign artwork to a playlist or folder. Several users have suggested this to us and we have the feature on our "TODO" list for an upcoming release.

    Also, make sure you are using the "WD TV Live" device profile. Go to the Media Devices dialog in Mezzmo and double click on your device to view the selected device profile. Change it if it is not WD TV Live. Remember to stop your Mezzmo media server and re-start it after making this change.

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    Thank you for reply Paul. That is a shame, I hope you do add this feature, coming from 360 extender it is a very rich interface with all the album art. I find the long list or folders a little bland. I am loving everything else about mezzmo.

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