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    I have an idea for autoplay that I thought that I would run by you for your thoughts as to whether or not you think it would be a good feature.

    TVs and DLNA devices are becoming smaller and more affordable. As such some people, myself included, are investigate using them for "active artwork" for our walls. For instance, imbedding one in a wall with a picture frame on it. The downside of this is that it can make the controlling of the devices difficult.

    In keeping with your new "play to" feature, it might be interesting to use that technology to push individual items, or even whole folders worth of items to a device as soon as it checks in, once it is turned on, and those items played in a loop.

    For versatility, you could set it so that playlists could be created for individual devices by their MAC or IP addresses.

    As an example, my hallway in my house doesn't have any windows, but lets say I put a TV in the wall that is DNLA WiFi enabled. When I turn it on, Mezzmo automatically starts streaming the landscape pictures or video I have saved in a specific playlist assigned to that TV.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Nice idea . And possible to do. We'll discuss it more here and add it to our development list.

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