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Thread: .Mkv videofiles freeze at specific points

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    Default .Mkv videofiles freeze at specific points


    I'm using Mezzmo 2.1.110 to play video files on my Playstation 3. My PS3 is networked via a wired connection to my PC which has the video files stored on external hard drives. My PC is running Windows 7. I have been running previous versions of Mezzmo with absolutely no problems.

    I downloaded the latest version of Mezzmo on 16/10/2010. Now I am having problems playing .mkv files. When playing an .mkv file on my PS3 it will pause and then freeze at a specific point and will not play any further. This happens at different specific times for different .mkv files. For Example: Video file A will always freeze at 3 mins 15 secs. Video file B will always freeeze at 2 mins 35 secs. This is happening for all my .mkv files. I've tested quite a few. I have no issue playing other file types. I suspect this is an issue with the on the fly transcoding.

    I would like to revert back to the previous version of Mezzmo ( as this issue seems to only exist on the latest version. However I cannot find this anywhere on this site or the web.

    Can you please give me some advice here. Could you also provide a link to download the previous version of Mezzmo.

    Thanks in advance............Stan.

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    Sounds like that you could have transcode enabled and your system isn't fast enough to transcode on the fly?
    Have you tried disabling transcode if your tv/device can't play it natively?

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    Yes, we did change transcoding for the PS3 in the latest version to be a bit slower, but to produce more reliable results (e.g. to crash less when transcoding) and this is probably what is causing this.

    Can you please send a message to support (at) conceiva (dot) com and I'll send out an updated device profile for the PS3 - that should be enough and there shouldn't be a need to revert to an older version. We'll work on getting this transcoding working faster/better for the next release as well.

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