I suggest to provide a Synology DSM version of Mezzmo.

The business case for Conceiva should be quite compelling. There are many Synology users out there that have replaced a noisy and maintenance-intensive Windows PC as their media server with a Synology Diskstation running under Synology DSM - a Linux derivate.

The native Synology DLNA server has only very basic functionality.

I am running a Synology Diskstation since 4 years and have just migrated to a newer model with a quadcore Intel processor fast enough even for realtime transcoding. The only thing I am seriously missing is the comfort of Mezzmo on this NAS device.

Synology Diskstation need less than a tenth of maintenance than a Windows PC, are extremely low noise and cool. Dependent on the setup all data are Raid 1,5,10 protected.

Best regards