A new update of Mezzmo has been released and is available for download now! New features and improvements include:

  • Improved: German translation (thanks Peter!).
  • Improved: Russian translation (thanks Aleksandr!).
  • Improved: No need to restart Mezzmo server when allowing/denying devices in Media Devices dialog.
  • Improved: Support for up to 256 local network adaptors/interfaces on PC running Mezzmo.
  • Fixed: Group By First Letter does not work for non-English characters.
  • Fixed: Content rating restrictions not working for Windows Media Player and Xbox 360.
  • Fixed: Listing files in folders on devices sometimes delivers the wrong number of files.
  • Fixed: Folders sometimes missing under Library root item in tree.
  • Fixed: Duplicated artist and album text metadata sometimes collected for music files.
  • Fixed: Library playlist gets duplicated when edited in Properties dialog.
  • Fixed: Various crashes reported by users.

Please use Help -> Check for Updates or directly download from http://www.conceiva.com/downloads/mezzmo-setup.exe