Hi All,

I have just converted over to Mezzmo. Previously, I was running Twonky server on a Linux all in one NAS box. Now I am using a core i7 quad core PC with a RAID 5 box attached to it and Windows 7. I chose Mezzmo because of it's infinite functionality and by monitoring theses forums for the last year or so, the exemplary support it seems from the developer.

I have set up Mezzmo and have got it nearly exactly how I want. I just have one thing I cannot seem to work out and also one issue I seem to have.

First of all, the configuration issue I cannot seem to do. All my music files are MP3 and there are about 12,000 of them. I converted all my CDs over to save the space. One thing I cannot seem to do is create a Rolodex style index on the albums. I am trying to setup something so you have a playlist called Albums and when you select it, you then then get A to Z lists. When you select a letter, it shows you all the albums that begin with that letter. Then when you select the album, it shows you all the songs in that album.

I have tried to do this but I just cannot find a way. If I do this on the albums, I can get as far as the letter index but when I select the letter, it shows me all the songs in all the albums beginning with that letter.

All my albums are stored in individual folders. So, for example, I have a folder on the disc called music and under that I have a folder for each album with the folder being the name of the album but the MP3 files also contain the album name in their tags. I can do it by browsing folders but then I cannot get the A to Z index and you have to scroll down for ever to get to an album starting with 'S' for example.

I also have an issue with detecting the Mezzmo server from my DLNA device. All my devices that I stream to are Sony BDP-S580 Blu Ray players. When I turn any of the devices on, they can take up to about 15 minutes before the server appears in the list. With my Twonky server NAS box, it shows up in about 10 seconds.

All my devices and the Mezzmo server are connected to a Dratek Vigor router with 1gbit links.

I would appreciate any help on the above 2 issues. Many thanks in advance.