Hello to all and especially the wise sages of Mezzmo.

Need a simple, easy answer here as time is of the essence due to return privileges.

First, the bona fides...

I am running Version on a Dell T610 Dual Hex-Core with Server 2008 R2 up to date as well.

I have many devices, including various Popcorn Hour, WDTV, eGreat and a few other lesser know "also-ran" models and also a few
"Smart TV's" which is why I am here.

There are just some model Smart TV's that don't work properly, and I accept that, however I have 2 recent Samsung
TV's that are the crux of this post.

The Samsung 40" 2013 Model UN40EH5300FXZA with what WAS called AllShare as the embedded DLNA app is called on that model,
pretty much works as desired with Mezzmo and my video library.

The Samsung 40" 2014 Model UN40H6350AFXZA that I just bought with the "New & Improved AllShare replacement" embedded
DLNA app called Samsung Link only allows PLAY on the remote control. No other functions work. No FF, RW, Pause or Search will
work and the TV returns a "Not Available" response when tried. The OLDER TV ALLOWS most of these functions in one way or another.

After several tries contacting various Samsung support portals, I have come to the conclusion that if nobody here has a solution
for this that I am simply going to return the TV to Amazon and get one of the older model that I already have since THAT one
works acceptably.

Thanks for any and all replies.