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    I am new on this forum, and so far have spend several hours browsing. This is my first post.

    What exactly does it mean - device support.

    Recently I decided to buy a new DVD player and while looking for one I discovered a category of "smart" blu ray players. I liked the idea of streaming my music, pictures and movies from my upstairs desktop PC to my "non-smart" TV downstairs, so I bought one of them. After trying Sony S3200, I ended up with Samsung BD-H6500. (I don't need 3D or 4k upscaling - it is the lowest Samsung model with wi-fi in Australia.)

    I started streaming from Windows Media Player, but soon got sick of it and switched Off media features in my Windows 7. I started looking for better server, and decided to try Mezzmo because of its stated capabilities with subtitles, transcoding etc.
    Samsung H series blu ray players are "supported" by Mezzmo, and I have selected that profile. However when streaming from Mezzmo to the player, I am less than happy.
    I spend some considerable time building my music library and assigning folder and track art. I like the "details" view because it shows the full - sometimes very long - track title.
    But I don't get any of this on the TV screen when streaming.
    Instead, I only get two rows of folder icons without the folder art, and with severely truncated titles.

    Is this result due to limitations in Mezzmo, or is it poor design of the user interface in the Samsung blu ray? My feeling is that it probably is the latter. I am aware of Plex, and the Plex application for Samsung. I downloaded and tried it briefly, but was not impressed with the user interface either.

    Somewhere on this forum there was a discussion (~ 3 years ago) about the possibility of Mezzmo building a client application for Samsung devices. Would that give me better results than what I get now? What is the latest on this - is it going to happen?

    cheers, Joe

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    Hi Joe,

    It sounds like a limitation of your Samsung BDP. When viewing folders/files on your Samsung BDP, try pressing the Tools or Options button on your Samsung remote control to see if you can change the View mode so the files are listed in different formats. This may help fix your problem.

    In addition, we can check that Mezzmo server is delivering the artwork and the full titles to your Samsung BDP. Turn on logging in Mezzmo (see and restart your Mezzmo server. Connect to Mezzmo server from your Samsung BDP and browse some playlists/folders and try to play a few files. Then, stop your Mezzmo server and exit Mezzmo. Zip up all the logs and email them to to at support [at] conceiva [dot] com for analysis. Also, take a photo of your Samsung BDP's display when there's no artwork and truncated titles and email this to us as well so we can see exactly what you mean.

    We have not yet created a Samsung dedicated widget/app for their TVs and BDPs. It is in our plans to do this.

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