Hi, it's Francesco from Italy.

I have a problem with Mezzmo (last version). I can't play any Blu-ray 3D ISO in native 3D. I selected the 3D method from movie properties (3D packet frame), but when i play the movie on my 3D plasma Samsung or on my Optoma 3D VPR via Xtreamer Sidewinder 3, i can only see it in 2D. I don't want to play it with options like SBS or Top&Down, but in native 3D. I tried with or without transcoding, but nothing changes.

Do you have any suggestions? I wanted to purchase Mezzmo 'cause it seems like a great product, but if i can't play 3D ISO...



PS i was forgetting one thing...i play 3D ISO on my home newtwork and not on USB memories.