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Thread: TranscodingFiles folder in Appdata

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    Default TranscodingFiles folder in Appdata

    Hello Everyone!

    I was doing some cleanup on my Hard Drive and noticed this folder located in Appdata and it is almost 30 gigs.

    Do i need need the data in the folder or can i delete it?

    C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Conceiva\Mezzmo\Transc odingfiles


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    This is your transcoding folder. It contains all the transcoded files that you have streamed to your devices. When you stream a video, music file, or photo to your device and that file is not compatible with the device's supported formats, then Mezzmo will auto transcode the file for you and then stream it to your device so that you can play it immediately. The transcoded file is stored in your transcoding folder so that the next time you try to play the original file, then Mezzmo will simply stream the already transcoded file. Transcoding can take significant CPU, memory and time - esp. for 1080p HD movies.

    You can maintain the location and size of the transcoding folder in the Transcoding Settings dialog in Mezzmo. This dialog lets you set the location of the folder on your computer and the maximum size of the folder (by default, it is 120GB). When the maximum size is reached, then Mezzmo will auto-delete older transcoded files. Using this dialog, you can also delete all your transcoded files if you wish. If you do delete all your transcoded files, then remember that Mezzmo may need to transcode some of your files the next time you play them.

    Mezzmo Android: Install it on your tablet, smartphone, Android TV or Amazon Fire to browse and stream files from your Mezzmo library to all your devices. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on: Install it into Kodi to stream files from your Mezzmo library directly in Kodi. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Roku App: Install it onto your Roku to stream files from your Mezzmo library. Full details at
    Wiki: User Guides & Reference Manual at

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