Hi guys,

I cannot remember if I have mentioned this via email in the past, so I thought I would officially request it here, but can you please slightly change the way the quick search toolbar works.

At the moment, if I want to search for an item called "transformers 2", I will start to type t..r..a and then Mezzmo freezes, it will hang itself for approx 30 sec until it can start returning results to the screen, then I can type the next few characters and so on... I now have a way around this that I have been using, and that is to type the full word out elsewhere, copy to clipboard and paste, this is the only way I can get Mezzmo to actually search what I am looking for first time round.

I am hoping you can disable to auto search component about this, and place a little magnifying glass button to the side in which we either select with the mouse OR press enter on keyboard, but not let Mezzmo start searching without our instruction.

I hope I have made sense, please email me if you need clarification.

Thanks again,