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    Hi! On my panasonic viera tv, the subtitles are displayed very small. There is any way to make it bigger? Thanks!
    My tv shows the subtitle, but the size continues the same, even choosing a bigger size on subtitle properties.
    I pre-transcode the file, selecting matroska, Force full transcode of all channels, Force embedding subtitles and Force burning subtitles... Embedded subtitles are displayed using remote control, but don't change the size and no burnt subtitle.
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    Embedded and external subtitles are streamed as subtitle resources to your TV and your TV's firmware displays them using it's own rendering engine. So, it's up to your device what size they are shown (i.e. the Subtitle Settings dialog in Mezzmo will have no effect in this case). Some devices let you change the size & colour of the subtitles by going into the settings using your device's remote control. If your TV does not have this setting and the subtitles are too small for you, then it's best to tell Mezzmo to burn the subtitles into the transcoded video. In this case, Mezzmo server burns the subtitles into each frame of the video and uses the size, colour, font, etc. that you have chosen in the Subtitle Settings dialog. You can tell Mezzmo server to stop streaming external and embedded subtitles to your TV and burn subtitles instead by going to the Media Devices dialog and editing your TV device listed there. On the Device Settings dialog, go to the Subtitles tab and uncheck the 'Stream external subtitles' and 'Stream embedded subtitles' checkboxes. Next, go to the Transcoding tab and delete all your transcoded files. Now try streaming your videos. if you change the subtitle settings (font, size, etc.), remember to delete your already transcoded files so you see your font, size, etc. changes take effect.

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