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Thread: SSDP Advertisement Interval

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    Default SSDP Advertisement Interval


    Just a quick question on this as I am trying my Samsung out again after a software upgrade to see if it is now any more reliable

    As the Samsung has trouble seeing the server without stopping/starting Mezzmo server, I have reduced the SSDP number to 60, which seems to make the Samsung better at seeing Mezzmo

    Are there any downsides to having it set this low?
    The only one I read about is it could cause dropouts


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    Hi Paul,

    Your assumptions are correct. A shorter SSDP interval means more DLNA/UPnP messages that your devices on your home network will receive from Mezzmo server. These messages are 100s of bytes long, so it will not result in vast amounts of data being transmitted over your home network or congest your home network bandwidth. The vast majority of devices are unaffected by these messages. We have found that some Samsung devices do abort/interrupt their streaming when they receive these messages and, for these users, we actually recommend to increase the SSDP interval to a higher number (such as 86400, which is 24 hours).

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    Thanks for the reply

    I used to have it set for 24 hours, try and reduce the dropouts
    So far with it set down to 1 minute I haven't noticed any issues, Samsung so far is behaving and xbox still works

    Cheers for answer, it was the network bandwidth I was thinking about if it advertised itself to often

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