I am using Mezzmo Version

I copy all of my DVDs to ISO images on my Mezzmo server

The Library recognizes some of the ISO's correctly, some it does not.

For example, I have the three-disc set HBO's "Philip Marlowe, Private Eye Collection"

The Mezzmo Library calls all 15 of these episodes "Nine Inch Nails - Live at the Wiltern Theatre disc 2" - and when you play them, of course they are the Philip Marlowe HBO series episodes.

And, curiously, the Mezzmo library has ALSO created a correctly named entry for one of the episodes with artwork, data about the production, correct "season 2 episode 3" a link to IMDB etc. - except this entry in the library won't actually play from any playback device. The metadata is all correct and very nicely formatted, but it's not linked to an actual video file.

What is up with this? Why does Mezzmo think all 15 of these Philip Marlowe episodes from HBO are all "Nine Inch Nails - Live at the Wiltern Theatre disc 2"? Is there some plug-in or other way to get better recognition of my DVD ISO's?

And how does a library data entry get created which is correct except it's not actually linked to a video file?

See images

marlowe1.png marlowe2.png