First of all: I'm using this software for a few years now and 100% content with it.
Lately, I upgraded my Server to a new CPU, more RAM, etc bla bla..

Runs 100% smooth, perfect, no issues.

And all of the sudden, it disappears from the network (the DLNA Mezzmo server)
I login to the PC with the mezzmo dlna server, and see that the media server simply stopped.

I switch it on, and everything runs smooth again, but all of the sudden (usually 1 or 2 days between this) it is stopped again..

and it keeps doing that every 1 or 2 days.

Not that it's a big issue, wrote myself a small script on the windows phone to simply click to switch it back on,
but it never did this on my old windows 2012 R2 server..

this is exactly the same configuration, only faster hardware, 8 core, etc..

no error message or anything, just as if I clicked manually on it to stop.

Any reason why it would do that?
Any log I can check what event happens to trigger this behavior?

like I said, no big issue, surely no high priority to handle this.

but why? i hate unanswered questions