I hope I can make this clear. Mezzmo runs on my PC. I try to access it via the Mezzmo software on my Nexus 9 (and Nexus 4). When it connects it's perfect but most of the time it doesn't connect.
I have a very good internet connection on all devices all the time. All my devices, wired and wireless are recognized by my (new) router, the asus RT-AC53U. On the Nexus 9, in the Mezzmo list of servers, there will be the Nexus 9 (itself) listed only. I'll refresh and refresh and nothing happens, then at some point later it will show the Nexus 9 and my other devices out of the blue and I'll be up and running. All my devices are listed in media devices in Mezzmo on my PC..
I've tried just about everything in the faq. I had Mezzmo working pretty flawlessly on my now defunct Netgear router.
To try and sum up, My Nexus 9 connects to my wireless network just fine. Web, HBO go, you name it. But the Nexus 9 (and Nexus 4) will only find the server whenever it wants to or whenever the moon is full.
Ahhhh! It just happened! While I have been typing this the Mezzmo server screen on my nexus 9 went from only showing the Nexus 9 to showing the Nexus server (and windows media player). Now it will stream movies just fine!
Why not all the time?