Hi There,

I've finally cleaned up many messy metadata in my MVK files using the MKVtoolnix and JMkvpropedit and SQLite tools .... I've made sure that all my MKV embedded titles are correct. There still remain a few where there are embedded "global tags" that Mezzmo picks up to overwrite the Filename when doing a search for a title.

Here's my question ... Is there a format that Mezzmo likes in the embedded MKV file Metadata that i could put the IMDB reference #? the title i already know ... Simply put, is there a tagged data structure of metadata that will make sure that if i were to delete the entire Mezzmo DB and start fresh would assure me that i dont have to manually do the "properties, search, etc." route for hundreds of file?

As ever thanks very much ... no rush on this .. just curious ..

You're support is always awesome and great product.