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Thread: Chromecast issues with Mezzmo Android app

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    Default Chromecast issues with Mezzmo Android app

    2 issues -

    1. Sometimes I get a chromecast "failed" error message, even though sometimes the file does actually play.
    2. This one happens all the time. If I choose a song or movie to play to chromecast, if I then choose another song, the chromecast will get stuck (looks like its buffering). However, if I stop the currently playing file, and then click on another song, this doesn't happen. It also doesn't happen if I just advance to the next track. Its only when I choose a new track while another is playing, that it gets stuck. The bubble upnp app does not do the same so I have to think its the mezzmo app.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    the "failed" error messages are in response to the Mezzmo app sending a stop command even though a file is not playing, we have removed these messages in version 2.0 of the android app.

    The second issue could be caused by the Mezzmo server transcoding files, the Mezzmo android app tells the Mezzmo server it is sending files to the Chromecast so that the Chromecast profile is used but BubbleUPnP does not do this so whichever profile is selected for the android device is used by BubbleUPnP when sending files to the Chromecast. You can try pre-transcoding your files or change the profile for the Chromecast in 'Media Devices' in Mezzmo to the same profile as the android device and see if the problem still occurs.

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