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Thread: D-Link DSM-320 Shows Album Art and Won't Play MP3 Tracks

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    Default D-Link DSM-320 Shows Album Art and Won't Play MP3 Tracks

    I just installed Mezzmo (15-day demo) on a Win7 machine to replace TwonkyMedia. Installation went fine and Mezzmo (on its own) went out and found some album art for some tracks.

    Now, on a D-Link DSM-320, when I select any tracks from albums with album art (using the Folders view) I get a thumbnail of the album art with the track info just visible over it. (The DSM-320 doesn't handle album art well and I don't really want it.) This is not what I want, but what's worse, the track won't play. The unit just displays the art and track info.

    Can I turn off the album art? Or am I missing something in the settings? Do I need to delete all the art and stop Mezzno from downloading it again?

    Thanks in advance! Other than this, I far prefer Mezzno so far.

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    Sorry about the typos in "Mezzmo"....

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    OK, it appears that the artwork might be embedded in the MP3 tags. I don't see a separate JPG file in the folders. Does this help? It never happened when using TwonkyMedia, though the artwork might have been embedded at that time.

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    Please forgive the multiple follow-ups, but more information is better than less.

    The artwork is apparently embedded in the MP3 tags and was pre-existing. I've verified that the artwork is there in the original files (before I installed Mezzmo). This doesn't help me much, though, because it will take me at least 30-40 hours to find files that have artwork and delete it on a folder by folder basis. And I'm not sure that will solve the problem.

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    If the albumart is embedded in the MP3 file and DLink is pulling it out on its own, then there's nothing Mezzmo can do, unfortunately. However, I think that more likely is that Mezzmo pulled the artwork out and is serving it to the device. We can change this by modifying the device profile to stop serving the albumart. Please send a message to support (at) conceiva (dot) com and I'll give you instructions on what to do.

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    Thank you, Dennis, I will do that. I believe that Mezzmo is serving the artwork to the DSM-320, as I find that if I remove the embedded artwork from the MP3 files that are already cataloged by Mezzmo, it still appears on the DSM-320. If I remove the artwork from an MP3 file and then place it on the server and catalog it, the artwork does not appear. Also, the artwork does not appear if I use TwonkyMedia or the (very poor) D-Link media server application.

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    hi comex

    check your audio settings mine won't play music in "digital" bu works fine in analogue

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