I just installed Mezzmo (15-day demo) on a Win7 machine to replace TwonkyMedia. Installation went fine and Mezzmo (on its own) went out and found some album art for some tracks.

Now, on a D-Link DSM-320, when I select any tracks from albums with album art (using the Folders view) I get a thumbnail of the album art with the track info just visible over it. (The DSM-320 doesn't handle album art well and I don't really want it.) This is not what I want, but what's worse, the track won't play. The unit just displays the art and track info.

Can I turn off the album art? Or am I missing something in the settings? Do I need to delete all the art and stop Mezzno from downloading it again?

Thanks in advance! Other than this, I far prefer Mezzno so far.