You said in your mail about my second file, the one done with canon G7 Camera that “The second file is transcoded and there are several reasons for it to skip.”
So the problem comes from transcoding and I know that this format is supported by the TV because Samsung PC Share can play this king of files like other software I have tested.

In the same time I watched samsungLA.prf. I think it’s the profile I use for my Samsung C serie. About the avi container, codec video mjpeg and codec audio pcm_s16le are not listed.
So I suppose that when codec are not listed files are transcoded ?

If it’s the case, maybe I could add theses lines in the samsungLA.prf in the container avi section line 140 : (encode =”0” means no encoding for selected codec).

<format id="mjpeg" encode="0">
<format id=" pcm_s16le" encode="0">

I guess these lines will match with the movies from my canon camera ?
Could it be a way to get these files playing well ?

For the second file (the first one in ffmpeg report) these lines are reported.
[mp3 @ 0167fac0] Header missing
[mpeg4 @ 0167f050] Invalid and inefficient vfw-avi packed B frames detected
Maybe the problem is here and the solution could be to modify these tags ?


PS : I sent you SamsungDesc.xml.