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Thread: Is Resume functionality implemented in Bluray devices

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    Default Is Resume functionality implemented in Bluray devices

    In your recent exposure to current DLNA devices, are you aware of any that implement Resume functionality. Rumor has that Sony had improved their DLNA browsers to include Resume and thumbnail support. Currently I only have FF/Fwd and character based interface on my Panasonic DMP-BDP330.

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    Quite a lot of DLNA devices do implement resume and have done so for many years. That is, when you stop (or pause) playing a video streamed from Mezzmo server, and then play it again, it will resume from where you stopped/paused the video. Also, most devices display poster artwork that is streamed by Mezzmo server.

    FYI - a convenient way to control your DLNA devices in your home is to use our Mezzmo Android app. Install it on your Android tablet or smartphone, and it will let you connect to your Mezzmo server and browse your Mezzmo library - including viewing all text metadata, posters and backdrops for your files. You can push (or play) files to your DLNA devices and you have full playback control - Play, Pause, Stop, FF/REW, Next file, Previous File, Seek, Volume, Mute, Shuffle, Repeat, etc. The only caveat is that your DLNA device(s) need to be DLNA digital media receivers (DMRs) to be controlled remotely by Mezzmo Android. Most TVs, Blur-ray players, AV receivers, etc. are DLNA DMRs - but I think your Panasonic DMP-BDP330 is only a digital media player (DMP) so it cannot be controlled . Get Mezzmo Android app from Google Play store.

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