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Thread: Minor ISO Issue

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    Question Minor ISO Issue

    I have a few ISO's on my computer that are listed in Mezzmo which is ok, but the problem is that on some them it shows several copies of the same disk. I know that its the main movie, and other special features, but when I try to delete the extra listings from Mezzmo, they just seem to stay there and will not go away.

    Is there a way to get rid of them without having the rip the movie out of the ISO itself?

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    By default, Mezzmo finds and adds all videos stored in an ISO - with the exception of videos under 15 minutes in length.

    You can remove unwanted ISO videos from your Mezzmo library by going into Videos/Recently Added playlist (or any other playlist) and remove them by selecting the video and pressing the DEL key. Now, if you just use the various smart and active playlists (like Video/Movies, Video/Recently Added, Video/Genre, etc.) to browse & play your files, then the deleted ISO video will not get re-listed. But, if you then browse back into the folder in Mezzmo or via your device(s), then Mezzmo will dynamically re-scan the ISO and re-detect the video and add it back into your Mezzmo library.

    Another way you exclude shorter videos on an ISO is to use a special Mezzmo external file to restrict shorter videos from being added into your Mezzmo library. By default, this is set to 15 minutes, but you could set it to a longer duration to exclude more videos from the ISO. See this FAQ -

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