Hey all,

New to the forums, and was hoping I could get a little assistance. I've taken several DVDs and decrypted them using MakeMKV, and I've packaged them as .mp4's using Handbrake. I've set up Mezzmo as my DLNA server on my Windows 7 PC, using an external 3 TB WD USB hard disk. In trying to stream these mp4's to a Sony Blu Ray player (BDP-S590), they appear for playback, no problem (FINALLY... after screwing with a few other DLNA server apps). My problem is, the .mp4s have "Chapter One" across the bottom of the screen (kind of, subtitle style). The thing is, this doesn't appear when I playback the videos directly on my computer, and, when I got playback to intermittently work via another DLNA server, I didn't see this either. I'm hoping that there is a setting I can apply to drop this. I found in Handbrake, that I can "turn off" Chapter Titles, I'm just not sure if this will work (and I know, this isn't a Handbrake forum). Regardless, I just really don't want to waste the time re-packaging the content as .mp4.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

- Vern