I know this is old news. However, I had to create a new windows profile and found my devices could no longer see anything in my Mezzmo PC library. This advice solved the problem. Thanks so very much.

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Try this: Go to the Media Server Settings dialog in Mezzmo (Windows) app and rename your Mezzmo server to another name (e.g. "My Mezzmo"). Click OK. This will force your Mezzmo server to be re-registered as a Windows service on your computer and that may help unblock it so DLNA/UPnP communication can pass though your firewall. Now on your Mezzmo (Android) app, go to the SERVER tab and refresh your server list. Hopefully you can see Mezzmo listed now. If not, then exit Mezzmo (Android) app and start it again. Try to list Mezzmo server again.

If no success, then please email us a set of logs and we'll see if we can see what's going wrong.