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    Question Subtitles & Thumbnails

    Hi guys! Finally that I have bought your excellent software I have some requests .

    First of all, my TV is the Samsung LE40C579 and i live in germany / its the german version.

    The first thing I want to mention is that since you have reworked the whole subtitles transcription in the newer versions, mutated vowels arent shown proper anymore.
    In the older versions it worked perfect, I just had to convert the *.srt files from UTF-8 to ANSI.
    In the newer versions I have tried to set the subtitle transcription settings to "0 Windows-Standart Code-Page -> 1252", "1252 ANSI-Lateinisch I" and "65001 UTF-8" and also to convert the coding oft the *.srt files themselves to ANSI and UTF-8, nothing has worked. Please either fix it or tell me the proper settings.

    The second thing is that all the thumbnails on my TV have black borders at the bottom and at the top and are squeezed, no matter if they are 4:3, 16:9 or 1:2,39, the wider the size is, the thicker the borders are.
    All I want is that they show some preview image taken out of the movie (I'd also be fine with downloaded artwork, pls tell me how to set it up ), for example from 25% of its length and either stretched to the 16:9 aspect ratio of the thumbnails of my TV media player or with the proper bars and aspect ratio at the sides in case of 4:3 videos or bars at the top and bottom in case of 1:2,39.

    Finally I wanted to mention that I liked the art the library was stored in the early versions more than the current way which stores every single image file so it can get very big, in my case more than 5GB.
    On the other hand the current dark look is way better than the recent one .

    I hope my English is not to bad and you understand what I mean, if not please ask, I'm highly interested in getting my problems solved.

    Keep up the good work, thx!
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    Regarding subtitles, right-click on the video in Mezzmo and click Properties. On the Properties dialog, go to the Subtitles tab and you will see your subtitles listed there. Select the subtitle and click 'Subtitle Settings'. On the Subtitle Settings dialog, you can preview and adjust the subtitles so that appear correctly. Move the slider on this dialog to skip through the subtitles. Change the encoding and/or fonts on this dialog to get your text displayed correctly.

    Regarding your thumbnails, first step is to check your device profile. Go to the Media Devices dialog and make sure your TV's device profile is set to 'Samsung C'. If that is already set, then take a photo of your TV when your thumbnails are displayed and email it to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com and we'll adjust the device profile for you.

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    On preview in mezzmo the subtitles/mutated vowels are shown correctly with "1252 ANSI - Lateinisch I", this is also the codepage that I have had to use for *.srt files in early versions. But on TV its like it has no effect.
    Screenshot (106).jpg focus on the "für"

    Device Profile is Samsung C. IS it ok to upload the screenshots here or should I still send them as a mail?

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