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    I've only just started with Mezzmo and am trying to get my head around it. I have set it up with quite a large library of mostly videos (h264/ac3) as mp4 or mkv files. All of these formats are compatible with my DLNA device ( a Panasonic TV and am using the Panasonic 2013 device profile ). All these files start playing but after a few minutes ( often less - barely out of the credits ) the playing stops and I'm skipped forward into the next file in the folder ( all the files play fine on the PC in VLC)
    It seems I get better results if I pre-transcode the file , but I do not have the room / time to pre-transcode my library to a a different format ) So how can I set up Mezzmo so that it does on-the-fly transcoding for files which are already in a compatible format and then deletes the files after I have stopped viewing ? Or better still what can I do just to let me stream the files to the TV without interruption ?

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    If your videos are compatible with your TV, then there is no need for any transcoding. Mezzmo should simply stream your original video to your TV. The reason for Mezzmo transcoding your videos is due to the device profile that is currently assigned to your TV in the Media Devices dialog.

    You can see if your videos do play natively on your TV by doing the following: Right-click on a video in Mezzmo and click 'Properties'. On the Properties dialog, go to the Transcoding tab and click 'Use Original File'. On the Devices dialog, select your TV and click OK. Click OK to save your changes. Now try streaming this video to your TV. Mezzmo server will stream your original video file without any transcoding and this lets you confirm whether your TV can play it or not. Try this for a few videos and make a note of the videos that can be played and those that cannot be played. For these videos, right-click on them in Mezzmo and click 'Get FFmpeg Information'. Email this information to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com and we can tell you what device is best to choose or tweak an existing device profile for you. Also, in your email, include the TV model that you have.

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