Hi All,

I have been using Mezzmo Media Server for quite a long time now with no hassle, however I recently upgraded my main desktop (which has Mezzmo installed on it) to Windows 10 Home, and my laptop to Windows 10 Home.

Before the upgrade, my laptop was able to see Mezzmo listed in the Network's section on "My Computer" screen, and let me browse the server and my folders within it. However it doesn't seem to be able to see it or connect to it anymore since the upgrade.

Mezzmo Server is running correctly, all settings are still the same and other devices are still able to connect like my iPad and Samsung TV, just none of the Windows 10 devices are able to see it anymore. I have checked all settings in network and sharing, both machines are on the same network, and have sharing / discovery turned on, file sharing turned on, and Mezzmo is correctly configured on the firewall.

Is there a random new setting in Windows 10 that I'm missing??