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    Default Windows App Store Version

    I've noticed that on the Win10 app store there are almost no DLNA media servers present at all.

    Unlike most other DLNA media servers which are Java based Mezzmo is a native Windows application, would that make it possible to do a Universal App version of Mezzmo ?

    I know you could say why bother when you have desktop Mezzmo but a UA version could have benefits even if it doesn't have all the features of desktop Mezzmo.
    1) Only credible DLNA server on app store so more customers for you as your the only game in town.
    2) Would allow the Raspberry Pi 2 which has a special Win10 build to be turned into a media server (UA version required for this as there is no Win32 x86 support).
    3) MS is certainly pushing some of it's phones into PC style area with continuum giving them a desktop, having a UA version of Mezzmo again could be useful down the road.

    Trans-coding isn't a huge priority either simply having a competent DLNA server would be enough.
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    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Mezzmo Android: Install it on your tablet, smartphone, Android TV or Amazon Fire to browse and stream files from your Mezzmo library to all your devices. Full details at
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