Hi, I have a Samsung D8000 and F8000

both were working fine with Mezzmo until I got a new PC, now with a fresh install of Mezzmo the d8000 can ffw and rew and time search but I cannot do this now on my f8000. (says Not Available)

I have made sure transcoding is ticked on both tvs.

I obviously now have later version of Mezzmo than before, I have had these issues in the past but I cannot remember how I resolved them.

I think I went back to a previous version.

Why does this keep happening every time you release a new version?? its quite frustrating. I have had Mezzmo for around 4 years so I know how it works.

Where can I download an older version from?

I have read all the post and its not a limitation of the TV as it has done this before and both TV's worked fine.

I have not had the logs activated and just don't have time.

Please help.