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Thread: Bug when moving / copying playlists

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    Default Bug when moving / copying playlists

    I rebuilt my database, and Mezzmo created a number of playlists for me. So under Music, it gave me All Music Files, Artist, Composer etc.

    I decided that I didn't want most of these, but I might want to use them as templates for my own playlists in the future.

    So I created a playlist called Other under each of Music, Video, and Photos. I then attempted to move the 'templates' under Other.

    I did this by clicking on a playlist, clicking Properties, clicking Browse and selecting the location to be under Other.


    I experienced random results.
    Some playlists didn't take. They didn't appear, but when I went back into Properties, the '\Other' had been lost.
    It started to confuse me. After a few experiments I found some playlists remained in the root branch, but had been copied into the Other branch.
    I did further experiments.
    Under Photos, nothing moved or copied, until I reached Last 50 Played. This moved (not copied). So did Recently Added. So I went back to File Type. Repeated attempts to change its Location fail. The same is the case with All Photo Files.

    An intermittent bug or an incompetent user?

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    Thanks for reporting this. We'll test it here and make sure it is working well for Mezzmo v5.0.

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