Hi everyone!
I just bought a brand new QNAP TS-431 to upgrade my old Lacie d2 network 2.
My configuration is:
Intel Atom Motherboard D525MW with 6GB ram, 240GB SSD and (for the moment) two NAS, the mentioned Lacie and QNAP.

Till when I moved all the films on the new QNAP I had some little problems but solved them with a media library maintainance.
In the last days, don't know why, I'm having a BIG problem. My media folders containing files that ever worked are displayed EMPTY in the DLNA clients of the televisions I'm using.

I even tryied with files in the old nas and on the ssd of the pc, they are correctly displayed, but the files on the qnap are only displayed in the mezzmo interface.

Any suggestion?

in the next days I'm going to try the trial version on another pc, just to be sure it's not a pc-related issue, but in any case can't understand what can be, cause the pc can see all the file in the NAS without any problem.

thanks for helping.