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Thread: Panasonic 2014 Issues

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    Default Panasonic 2014 Issues

    I have a pair of Panasonic TX42AS650 sets that play just about every Video media I have except Divx encoded AVI files.

    I recently updated Mezzmo from to and started to get loads of issues with , in particular , MKV videos.

    Many of those that played successfully previously Mezzmo now wanted to transcode and secondly I couldn't fast forward them without everything locking up.

    I'm only referring to MKVs though as AVI & MP4 would play and fast forward OK.

    There wasn't too much wrong with the media itself as they would all stream & fast forward from my Synology NAS. And from my Panasonic BD75 BlueRay player.

    If I set the profile to No Transcoding things would play - maybe I had this setting disabled previously but I can't be sure. That didn't help the FF issue though.

    So I've played around with the Panasonic 2014 profile making the following changes:-

    1. To resolve the FF issue I set a packetsize of 8000 in the device section - from an FAQ posting.

    2. Totally modified the MKV section to this:-

    <avcontainer id="matroska" name="matroska,webm" mimetype="video/x-matroska" encode="0" dlnaprofile="MKV" supportschunked="0">
    <format id="h264">
    <format id="vc1">
    <format id="mpeg1video">
    <format id="mpeg2video">
    <format id="mpeg4">
    <format id="aac">
    <format id="eac3">
    <format id="mp3">
    <format id="ac3">
    <format id="dts">
    <format id="mp2">
    <ffmpegadditional id="union+thread0" />

    This now works very well for my TV.

    Sorry that the formatting didn't quite work right , I had inset everything when entering it but that didn't come through the posting process.

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    Thanks for sharing your solution!

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    Just to add to this , for the MKV issue it was the pretranscodeonly="1" entry that was forcing transcoding. I trimmed down the code as I couldn't see that , for me atleast , it had any relevance.

    For the fast forward problem it would seem that there might be a problem in the TV firmware for MKVs as all other formats FF quite happily.

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