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Thread: LG 65UF950V fast forward

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    Default LG 65UF950V fast forward

    I have been using Mezzmo for quite some time with an 2012 LG TV (55LW5590). Then, LG did not support DTS so Mezzmo was doing a great job transcoding, and built-in Windows media streaming sucked. The only downside was inability to fast forward, which was a pain because you simply couldn't continue watching a movie at a later time. Once interrupted it starts from the beginning.

    I bought a new LG TV 2015 (65UF950V). It has DTS support, and Windows 10 built-in streaming is streaming without any problems (quite a shock), but with Mezzmo I still have disabled fast forward. Moreover I have in some cases, MKV containers, even without DTS, I get no fast forward.

    Mezzmo is detecting the correct TV profile.

    How can I fix the problem?

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    I just had a very similar problem solved. I'm sure that the support staff will reply with all the info that you need, but my fix might work for you too. I ended up editing my device profile to remove a value from the device description.
    You do know that you can simply change the profile in the Mezzmo console, right? Maybe it is something as simple as the device profile still set on the "LG TV (2012 models)" profile, and not on the more recent "LG TV (2014 models)" (the most recent shown in the list).

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    When Mezzmo server is transcoding your video on-the-fly, your TV may not be able to FF/REW - since it may be trying to FF to a part of the video that has not been transcoded yet. A workaround for this is to pre-transcode your video(s) before streaming them and you will have FF/REW/Pause control. See this FAQ -

    We have a new device profile for LG TV 2015 models. It will be included in the upcoming Mezzmo v5.0. Email us now at support [at] conceiva [dot] com and we'll provide it to you.

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