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Thread: Watch folders and seek in FLAC files

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    Default Watch folders and seek in FLAC files


    I have been trying to find a decent DLNA server to support my ps3 and Samsung series 6 tv for a while now and I think Mezzmo is appearing awesome.

    I have 2 questions so far though.

    1)I have Google'd and can read in change logs and in peoples posts that watch folder playlists exist, but for the life of me I cant find how you create a watch folder.

    Eg for Mezzmo to automatically detect and add new media from selected folders automatically.

    How is this done in the latest version of Mezzmo??

    2)I could not seek in flac files Mezzmo would be transcoding to mp3.

    If I can get answers for these 2 things I couldnt see a reason not to purchase Mezzmo!

    Ps. adding question 3

    3)just played a MKV(h264, ac3 stereo 48khz 384kbit/s) my Samsung can play without issue but on my PS3 the audio turned to static after about 10 seconds with video continuing fine. My PC is a Q9400 with 4gb ram doing nothing else. I would expect it to be perfectly capable of transcoding the file in realtime without issue. I am yet to test more MKV's. Any ideas?
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    Some answers:

    1. How to create a watch folder. In Mezzmo, click on a playlist in the tree where you want your watch folder to be under (e.g. Video). Then click the 'Add To Library' toolbar button and then click 'Add Folder' menu item. Choose the folder from your computer (or external drive/network share) and click OK. Mezzmo will create a folder playlist that is reads this folder (and its subfolders) dynamically, so when you add/remove/change files in this folder on your computer, the folder playlist will also be updated.

    2. Your flac files are probably being transcoded into a format that your PS3 can play (e.g. MP3). When a file is transcoded, Mezzmo starts to convert it on-the-fly and streams any converted data at the same time. So trying to FF (seek) on a transcoding file is problematic since the part that you are trying to seek to may not yet be transcoded or delivered to the PS3. As a test, after you play a flac file (i.e it has been fully transcoded), then try to play it again. This time, you can seek around the file since the file has been fully transcoded previously and Mezzmo just deliveres the fully transcoded file (does not transcode it again).

    3. We will need your logs to work out what is going wrong. In Mezzmo, go to the Transcoding Settings dialog and delete your transcoded files. Then, please turn on logging (see this thread: then try to play the file again on your TV. When it fails as you say, stop your Mezzmo server and email us all the logs to support [at] conceiva [dot] com. Also mention your exact TV model in the email.

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