I have a home media server that I have used to rip to mkv our entire family library of blue ray, DVD, old VHS tapes, somewhere near the 400 mark. All that work is done and all are properly cataloged into Mezzmo and all will play on our smart Sony BDP-S590 blue ray player include the blue ray rips. I am running the latest version of Mezzmo and the server is one I built myself almost two years ago, I7-4771, LSI 9265i raid card, 8x3TB drives in raid 6 all hot swappable, 16GB memory, and so on. Nice rack mount system with a smart ups rack mount protecting it, etc. Home is wired for Cat6 with gigabit so none of this requires the wireless network. Those movies that for whatever reason need transcoding - the server is able to do so in real time with all 8 cores maxed but it does not stutter.

Here is the problem.

My entire family including myself hates this Sony BDP-S590. Yes, it will play anything from the library. But you cannot pause - pressing pause causes the Sony to display on the TV "Operation is invalid". You cannot fast forward, rewind anything. Once you start a movie - you either watch it from beginning to end or just stop it and start over. Want to hit pause just to make a batch of popcorn - can't happen.

Everyone hates this. Wife is fed up, kids can't stand it and all of their friends make fun of how absolutely lame it is.

It is time to fix it. I'm done with this Sony unit. I'm done trying different profiles - all have this issue.

Please tell me what smart blue ray player works perfectly with Mezzmo. I will dump the Sony and replace it. There must be something that works perfectly with it. Perfectly to me means you can pause, you can fast forward, you can rewind. It is smart so it has apps like Netflix and such. I'm not going to replace the wide screen TV now so need a unit that I can connect via HDMI or whatever via adapter cables.

I have an Amazon Fire Stick on the same TV but it would need an app - can't find a Mezzmo app for it.

What are my options here? I will research any unit folks recommend that they know absolutely works perfectly for them and if it is true, buy it.