finally made the jump to v5 [looking fwd to URL playlists]. Only a couple of small issues when using my Samsung C series TV, i will send the logs asap. But just to give you a headsup...

1. There is a quite a delay when viewing my Music folder. My tree structure is only 1 deep. So it's:
So the \music folder has hundreds of folders. The previous version displayed the main Music folder on the TV in a couple of seconds, v5 takes around 30seconds and will also sometimes crash the TV.

2. Left/Right arrows on the TV will jump 20seconds fwd/back. Previously this was pretty instant. v5 has a small delay and also a spinning circle + 'preparing to play..'. It's not a huge delay but v4 was quite snappy and it was easy to jumpy through a video. v5 is now quite slow at this.

3. Lastly, the Samsung LA profile still has padding=1. This changes all covers to letterbox mode which isnt required. The C series covers are 108x65 and the black bars simply squash the covers. I've amended my profile back to padding=0 and it's fine but just incase you want to update the source for future versions.

I will capture logs for #1 and #2 asap.