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Thread: Add URL to library bug?

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    Default Add URL to library bug?

    This is probably not a bug at all and I apologise if this has been answered already but my search couldn't find anything relevant. Basically when I add a url link to my library, the link doesn't appear in the library pane or anywhere else for that matter!

    The only way to actually stream the link on my tv is to go to mezzmo directly and go through the Play to device in the context menu. Is this how this is supposed to work or?

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    Never mind, apparently you can create a new playlist to add the URL in which you can do by selecting the checkbox "Add files to playlist".

    Problem solved and I am amazed it actually works so good. I can now watch my favorite streamers from easily. However, there aren't any options regarding the quality of the video or the resolution so on my TV the video looks a bit zoomed in. Any workarounds?

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    Glad you have it up and running .

    When you add files into Mezzmo, they are added into your Mezzmo library. Your folders and playlist let you organize & see them. It's always a good idea to go to the 'Recently Added' playlist and that will show the latest files that you have added.

    Regarding quality, check that the URL's quality by playing in a web browser. If the quality is better than on your TV, then Mezzmo may be transcoding it on-the-fly using the device profile assigned to your TV. What TV model do you have? What device profile is assigned to your TV in the Media Devices dialog in Mezzmo? And, what is the Twitch URL that you added into Mezzmo? We'll try it here and find out why the quality is degraded.

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